Pioneer’s View Along Monitor Pass

Along The Trail Of Jedediah Smith

Experiencing what the trailblazing pioneers of the 19th century would have witnessed on their long scenic journeys is mostly only accomplished by imagination. Yet there remain some places, like this expansive valley along Monitor Pass, where you feel as if you were riding along in your own wagon. This area is said to be what explorer Jedediah Smith passed through in the late spring of 1827 on his way back from California.

Pioneer’s View Along Monitor Pass is the perfect artwork to bring lively colors to that special location in your home or office.

Metallic Wall Art

by Michael K. Reynolds


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Why Metallic Art?

All of of the artwork offered here in the Global Studio Photography Gallery is in the format of Metallic art.

These are made by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. These MetalPrints™ are applauded by photographers and artists everywhere for their magical luminescence.

This process provides for a brilliant and impressive print. Colors are vibrant and the radiance is breathtaking. Their waterproof, scratch-resistant surface makes MetalPrints both a hygienic and durable medium. 

Your investment in these Michael K. Reynolds prints will serve as impressive furnishings, stunning additions to your room décor and highly collectable family heirlooms. 

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